The Messenger war movie
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The Messenger war movie

The Messenger (2019, Poland)

Original / alternative title: Kurier

Categories: resistance movies political movies spy movies

The Messenger

Director: Wladyslaw Pasikowski

Czas: 120 minut

Laguages: Polish / German

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2019-09-10 / 2019-09-10

The true story of Jan Nowak-Jezioranski, who was sent during World War 2 with mission to reach the command of Polish underground in Nazi occupied Warsaw.

While Nazi forces were retreating on the Eastern Front and Allied units were fighting in Normandy the Polish government in exile was trying to maintain contact with Polish underground in occupied homeland. The fate of Poland was sealed previous year during the Tehran conference, where Stalin decided to keep the country after the war in Soviet zone of control. Polish prime minister in exile, Stanislaw Mikolajczyk, was trying to stop the Polish underground from initiating uprising - since none of the Allied forces would support it the uprising was doomed to fail and could only cause loss of lives of young men in pointless fight. In order to convince commander of Polish underground he decided to send Jan Nowak-Jezioranski back to occupied Warsaw, something he had already done in the past and managed to return to London. But this time his mission has deeper purpose - Mikolajczyk not only needs him to pass the microfilms, but also actually convince Polish generals in Warsaw that loss of lives in uprising is pointless. But even though he has all the prerogatives to hurry Nowak-Jezioranski will have to face some unexpected difficulties on his way to Warsaw.

Polish war movie based on the true story of Jan Nowak-Jezioranski, envoy of Polish government in exile, who managed 3 times to return to occupied Poland. While Nowak-Jezioranski was, even long after the war, a man of great integrity and great wisdom, the film based on his mission to Warsaw in 1944 is hardly a proper epitaph to his life. First of all the film is simply mediocre, second the script is just awfully dull and indistinct, not to mention that each time the authors were trying to introduce some action or spy-themed scenes they were just completely out of place in this slow-pace movie. And the worst of all - the movie lacks any goal. It can hardly be called biopic of Nowak-Jezioranski, it isn’t action movie, it isn’t thriller, it isn’t spy story - after closing credits you will hardly be able to summarize the movie. Not to even mention that this particularly mission of Nowak-Jezioranski had (spoiler alert) no actual influence on the events - he was sent to Warsaw to stop the uprising (that happened anyway days after his arrival), the informations he has delivered were outdated and already reached the Polish generals via radio, so... Just like this whole movie the mission was just a pointless exercise.

Our rating


Film value

2 / 10

Realism factor

4 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Historical accuracy

3 / 5

The Messenger 2019 war movie

Creators of The Messenger

Sylwia Wilkos movies

Sylwia Wilkos


Cast of The Messenger

Philippe Tlokinski movies philippe-tlokinski

Philippe Tlokinski

as Jan Nowak-Jezioranski

Patricia Volny movies patricia-volny

Patricia Volny

as Marysia

Bradley James movies bradley-james

Bradley James

as Tom Dunbar

Jan Frycz movies jan-frycz

Jan Frycz

as General Kazimierz Sosnkowski

Miroslaw Baka movies miroslaw-baka

Miroslaw Baka

as General Tadeusz Pelczynski

Zbigniew Zamachowski movies zbigniew-zamachowski

Zbigniew Zamachowski

as General Antoni Chrusciel

Mariusz Bonaszewski movies mariusz-bonaszewski

Mariusz Bonaszewski

as Leopold Okulicki

Slawomir Orzechowski movies slawomir-orzechowski

Slawomir Orzechowski

as Stanislaw Mikolajczyk

Events depicted in The Messenger

World War II (1936-1945) Warsaw Uprising (1 Aug 1944)

The Messenger full war movie

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