The McKenzie Break war movie
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The McKenzie Break war movie

The McKenzie Break (1970, United Kingdom)

Categories: POW camp movies

The McKenzie Break

Director: BrianLamont Johnson

Czas: 108 minut

Laguages: English / German

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2019-11-18 / 2019-11-18

Captain Jack Connor is sent to McKenzie POW camp in Scotland, the camp commander struggles to keep the German prisoners under control and Connor is delegated to ease the situation.

McKenzie prisoners of war camp in Scotland is located in secluded area close to the coast. The German officers kept in McKenzie are trying to escalate the tensions between prisoners and guards - out here, away from any units, the guards are outnumbered and the camp commander, Major Perry, fears that revolt is just matter of time. Captain Jack Connor is sent to McKenzie to investigate the situation - the HQ has no extra forces to spare on guarding the camp, so they hope Connor can find a solution. After arrival to location Captain Connor realizes that Germans are trying to provoke guards to make a mistake. Clearly their leader, submariner Captain Willi Schlüter, has something up his sleeve and hopes that the British will slip up and confusion will allow Germans to escape. While trying hard to avoid confrontation with Schlüter Connor tries to find out what exactly his adversary is up to.

Unusual combination - British war movie based on American book that was inspired by true events that took place during World War 2 in Canada, directed by American and starring American actor. Film is a tense thriller set inside prisoners of war camp, where Germans are trying to outsmart the guards, while British officers have to avoid open confrontation. While it was based on true events (escape attempts from POW camp in Grizedale Hall, Cumbria and Bowmanville, Canada) the story and the characters are fiction. Overall it is not a great movie - the pace is sometimes a bit slow, the plot is sometimes too obvious - it is well developed story based on real life.

Our rating


Film value

7 / 10

Realism factor

4 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Historical accuracy

3 / 5

The McKenzie Break 1970 war movie

The McKenzie Break full movie

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Creators of The McKenzie Break

Cast of The McKenzie Break

Brian Keith movies brian-keith

Brian Keith

as Captain Jack Connor

Helmut Griem movies helmut-griem

Helmut Griem

as Captain Willi Schlüter

Ian Hendry movies ian-hendry

Ian Hendry

as Major Perry

Jack Watson movies jack-watson

Jack Watson

as General Ben Kerr

Patrick OConnell movies patrick-oconnell

Patrick OConnell

as Sergeant Major Cox

Horst Janson movies horst-janson

Horst Janson

as Lieutenant Neuchl

Alexander Allerson movies alexander-allerson

Alexander Allerson

as Lieutenant Wolff

John Abineri movies john-abineri

John Abineri

as Captain Kranz

Constantine Gregory movies constantine-gregory

Constantine Gregory

as Lieutenant Hall

Events depicted in The McKenzie Break

World War II (1936-1945)

The McKenzie Break full war movie

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