Saints and Soldiers war movie
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Saints and Soldiers war movie

Saints and Soldiers (2003, United States)

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Saints and Soldiers

Director: Ryan Little

Czas: 85 minut

Laguages: English

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1970-01-01 / 1970-01-01

Four survivors of the Malmedy massacre are stuck behind enemy lines - with one rand three bullets they have to find a way of surviving and returning to Allied forces.

In December 1944 offensive in Ardennes surprised Allied forces, but quickly advancing Germans did not have time nor resources to deal with complicated things like prisoners. American soldiers near Malmedy were killed by the Nazi troops even though they were prisoners of war. Four of the survivors fled into the woods, where chased by the enemy they had to hide. Corporal Greer, called Deacon due to his priest-like way of life, manages to take the weapon away from German soldier, but he doesn’t shoot him. He lets the enemy go and together with others run away. Now, armed with single rifle and three bullets they have to find a way of surviving behind enemy lines. They found a crashed ambulance with some rations in it, but dead bodies next to it suggest Germans just kill every soldier on the spot. Somewhere in the secluded area of the forest they find an abandoned building in poor condition, but for them this means salvation - the winter is very cold and anything that would help them keep warm is priceless. While the night is approaching German armoured vehicle arrives to the building - it looks like both sides are desperate to find a warm place to rest. The Americans hide below the floorboards and have to wait in complete silence until the Germans will decide to leave.

American war movie based loosely on true events that happened in December 1944 near Malmedy - after the massacres (there were several in area, not only in Malmedy) some of the survivors were forced to hide behind enemy lines and try to reach the Allied forces. While the story itself is more or less fiction, the whole concept was based on the different American soldiers stories from Battle of the Bulde. Overall the film was average - not bad, not great, just simple war time story with anti-war and religious undertones. Taking under consideration that the whole budget of this production was below 1 million USD and some of the parts were taken by military battles re-enactors you couldn’t really expect it to be much more than average war movie.

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Film value

7 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Historical accuracy

2 / 5

Saints and Soldiers 2003 war movie

Saints and Soldiers full movie

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Saints and Soldiers

Creators of Saints and Soldiers

Ryan Little movies

Ryan Little


Geoffrey Panos movies

Geoffrey Panos


Matt Whitaker movies

Matt Whitaker


Cast of Saints and Soldiers

Corbin Allred movies corbin-allred

Corbin Allred

as Corporal Nathan Greer

Alexander Polinsky movies alexander-polinsky

Alexander Polinsky

as Medic Steven Gould

Larry Bagby movies larry-bagby

Larry Bagby

as Private Shirley Kendrick

Peter Holden movies peter-holden

Peter Holden

as Sergeant Gordon Gunderson

Kirby Heyborne movies kirby-heyborne

Kirby Heyborne

as Flight Sergeant Oberon Winley

Ethan Vincent movies ethan-vincent

Ethan Vincent

as Rudolph Gertz

Melinda Renee movies melinda-renee

Melinda Renee

as Catherine Theary

Ruby Chase movies ruby-chase

Ruby Chase

as Sophie Theary

Events depicted in Saints and Soldiers

World War II (1936-1945) Battle of the Bulge (16 Dec 1944)

Themes in Saints and Soldiers

American infantryGerman armyMalmedy massacre

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Saints and Soldiers full war movie

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