Red Dawn war movie
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Red Dawn war movie

Red Dawn (1984, United States)

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Red Dawn

Director: John Milius

Czas: 115 minut

Laguages: English

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1970-01-01 / 1970-01-01

Cuban and Russian forces land in small town in Colorado. While the national defence collapses the group of teenagers turn into partisans to fight the occupants and save their families.

Small town in Colorado, just another day of autumn begins like any other day. Typical day in one of the schools is suddenly interrupted by unusual sight - hundreds of parachutes open over the area and just moments later first soldiers reach the ground. From short range it is obvious that they are not Americans - red stars on their uniforms and Kalashnikovs in their hands made it clear - the invasion on United States have started. While paratroopers kill anyone they consider threat and put all the residents in the makeshift prisoner camp few teenagers manage to avoid being caught. They have no idea what to do - their families are trapped in the prisoner camp, they have to hide in the forests and avoid enemy patrols. But while they have no weapons nor fight experience they decide not to run away, but to fight guerilla way.

The movie shows fictitious scenario for the World War III when Russian paratroopers and Cuban infantry land in United States. We look at the war from point of view of residents of small town in Colorado, who suddenly have to face the enemy forces. The cast included some of the future stars, like young Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, Lea Thompson, C. Thomas Howell and Jennifer Grey. Red Dawn was something between adventure flick and war movie set in the reality of World War III, in a way being also a reference to ongoing Soviet-Afghan war. Of course it lacked realism, but young actors did well, the script was interesting enough and, especially comparing to 2012 remake, Red Dawn still is quite good war film.

Our rating


Film value

8 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

Adventure factor

4 / 5

Historical accuracy

1 / 5

Red Dawn 1984 war movie

Red Dawn full movie

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Red Dawn

Creators of Red Dawn

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John Milius


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John Milius


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Cast of Red Dawn

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Patrick Swayze

as Jed Eckert

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Lea Thompson

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Charlie Sheen

as Matt Eckert

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Powers Boothe

as Lt. Col. Andy Tanner

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Ron O誰eal

as Colonel Ernesto Bella

Red Dawn quotes

Jed Eckert:
Come on! We池e all going to die, die standing up!

[to prisoner] Do you speak German?
Matt Eckert:
So what if he does? You don稚.

Red Dawn full war movie

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