First Blood war movie
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First Blood war movie

First Blood (1982, United States)

Original / alternative title: Rambo: First Blood

Categories: ambush movies commandos movies partisans movies special forces movies

First Blood

Director: Ted Kotcheff

Czas: 90 minut

Laguages: English

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1970-01-01 / 1970-01-01

Vietnam War veteran John Rambo arrives to small town of Hope, Washington to find his comrade. Mistreated by local sheriff he flees into the woods, but it’s those who pursuit him should be affraid.

Vietnam War veteran John Rambo travels on foot through a small town Hope, Washington to meet his friend from the times they both served in the army. When he arrives to a secluded house he learns that his comrade have died from cancer caused by the exposure to Agent Orange during the war. Devastated with that news he leaves. While crossing the town again he is picked up by local sheriff, named Teasle, who assumes he is just a tramp, drives him to the edge of the town and tells him not to come back. Rambo chose not to take the advice, so Teasle arrests him and takes him to the station, where his deputies treat the veteran like scum. This triggers Rambo’s memories from POW camp in Vietnam - he attacks the deputies and escapes from the station. Chased by the police he ends up in the woods, where he finally feels at home. During the chase deputies enter the woods and are ambushed one by one by Rambo, who uses improvised non-lethal weapons. When sheriff Teasle is the only one unharmed Rambo catches him and while holding a knife to his throat tells sheriff to stop the pursuit. Later he flees into the woods, but Teasle gathers additional forces and begins the hunt. Colonel Sam Trautman, former superior of Rambo, arrives to Hope and tries to persuade Teasle to drop the idea of hunting the veteran. He knows that Rambo is an expert in guerrilla warfare and was one of the best commandos he ever worked with, so he is more worried about people chasing him than for the veteran himself.

First Blood is one of the movies that became icons of war movies although there isn’t actually any war depicted in it. Based on a novel the plot deals with one of the aftermaths of Vietnam War - the veterans, who returned home only to find that there is no one awaiting them and no way to deal with the emotional scars. Basically First Blood is just adventure flick (not as gore as the novel it is based on), but quickly it started the new way of showing commandos - not just as best soldiers, but as superhuman, who can single handedly deal with predominant enemy. Classic that is worth to know.

Our rating


Film value

8 / 10

Realism factor

4 / 5

Adventure factor

5 / 5

Historical accuracy

1 / 5

First Blood 1982 war movie

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Creators of First Blood

Ted Kotcheff movies

Ted Kotcheff


David Morrell movies

David Morrell


Michael Kozoll movies

Michael Kozoll


Cast of First Blood

Sylvester Stallone movies

Sylvester Stallone

as John Rambo

Brian Dennehy movies brian-dennehy

Brian Dennehy

as Sheriff Teasle

Richard Crenna movies richard-crenna

Richard Crenna

as Colonel Sam Trautman

David Caruso movies david-caruso

David Caruso

as Mitch

Michael Talbott movies michael-talbott

Michael Talbott

as Balford

First Blood full war movie

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