Operation Simoom war movie
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Operation Simoom war movie

Operation Simoom (1999, Poland)

Original / alternative title: Operacja Samum

Categories: spy movies covert operations movies desert movies

Operation Simoom

Director: Wladyslaw Pasikowski

Czas: 90 minut

Laguages: Polish / English

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2018-05-05 / 2018-05-05

Based on true events - on a verge of Gulf War American intelligence officers are trapped inside Iraq and hunted by secret police. Polish agents in the area prepare daring escape operation.

In 1990, after Iraqi forces invaded Kuwait, American intelligence safehouse in Baghdad is raided by the secret police. CIA agents inside managed to escape, but now they are trapped in a hostile country that might be soon the in war with United States and a single Mossad agent, Karen Pierce, is their hope for rescue. US ambassador in Warsaw seeks help from Polish intelligence agencies, which have their agents in Iraq protecting Polish engineers on the major building sites. Meanwhile former Polish agent Jozef Mayer learns from his doctor that his physical condition is getting worse and he has only perhaps months to live. Soon after Mayer receives informations that his son, one of the Polish engineers working in Iraq, was just arrested by secret police. Despite his former colleagues advise not to get involved he sets out to Iraq to save his son and soon his personal mission gets tangled with the US agents evacuation carried out by Polish agents.

Polish war movie based on true events that took place just before Gulf War, although the script has added a lot of material to original events. Wladyslaw Pasikowski, who also made Demons of War and Jack Strong, back in 1999 was still in his "tough guys" period (including Demons of War) that had very little to do with realism and Operation Simoom is unfortunately not an exception - the whole Jozef Mayer part of the story is just full of cliches and adds very little to the original events. At the same time the original operation is pushed aside and mixing them together did not helped either of the stories. The movie had potential, but Pasikowski lacked the experience to make use of the story, like he did with Jack Strong 15 years later.

Our rating


Film value

3 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

Adventure factor

2 / 5

Historical accuracy

3 / 5

Operation Simoom 1999 war movie

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Operation Simoom

Creators of Operation Simoom

Robert Brutter movies

Robert Brutter


Cast of Operation Simoom

Marek Kondrat movies marek-kondrat

Marek Kondrat

as Jozef Mayer

Boguslaw Linda movies boguslaw-linda

Boguslaw Linda

as Edward Bronski

Olaf Lubaszenko movies olaf-lubaszenko

Olaf Lubaszenko

as Stanislaw Kosinski

Radoslaw Pazura movies radoslaw-pazura

Radoslaw Pazura

as Pawel Mayer

Anna Korcz movies anna-korcz

Anna Korcz

as Karen Pierce

Tadeusz Huk movies tadeusz-huk

Tadeusz Huk

as Colonel

Andrzej Zielinski movies

Andrzej Zielinski

as CIA Agent Thomas

Kristof Konrad movies kristof-konrad

Kristof Konrad

as Jeff Magnus

Krzysztof Globisz movies krzysztof-globisz

Krzysztof Globisz

as intelligence officer

Dmitriy Shevchenko movies dmitriy-shevchenko

Dmitriy Shevchenko

as Volodya Panayev

Events depicted in Operation Simoom

Gulf War (1990-1991)

Operation Simoom full war movie

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