Operation Pacific war movie
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Operation Pacific war movie

Operation Pacific (1951, United States)

Categories: military base movies navy movies submarine movies

Operation Pacific

Director: George Waggner

Czas: 110 minut

Laguages: English

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2024-04-07 / 1970-01-01

Captain of submarine is given the task to find the way to solve the problem of dud torpedoes.

American submarine USS Thunderfish, after rescuing the nuns and children from one of the Pacific islands detects Japanese convoy led by aircraft carrier. Due to failure of torpedoes warheads their attack is ineffective and they have to avoid the detroyers to survive. After returning to base the crew is given the task to figure out the reason behind the failure of their torpedoes.

On another patrol USS Thunderfish finds Japanese freighter, who turns out to be a disguised patrol ship and opens fire to the Thunderfish. The captain is wounded on the brigde, but still gives the order to submerge the boat though he won’t be able to go leave his post. His sacrifice gives the crew the morale boost to surface and face the Japanese ship.

Film depicts real events that took place on February 1943 when Howard W. Gilmore, captain of USS Growler, after ramming Japanese escort ship gave the order to submerge since it was the only way to save the boat. For his sacrifice he was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

Just like other John Wayne war movies this one is a tribute to brave American service man, but isn’t big tribute to realism. Again creators tried to bring together war and a romantic story with not very impressive result. The submarine part of the film is not bad, but the extra plots were simply expendable (to quote title of another John Wayne movie).

Our rating


Film value

6 / 10

Realism factor

2 / 5

Adventure factor

2 / 5

Historical accuracy

4 / 5

Operation Pacific 1951 war movie

Operation Pacific full movie

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Creators of Operation Pacific

George Waggner movies

George Waggner


Cast of Operation Pacific

John Wayne movies

John Wayne

as Lt Cmdr. Duke Gifford

Ward Bond movies ward-bond

Ward Bond

as Cmdr. John Perry

Patricia Neal movies patricia-neal

Patricia Neal

as Lt. Mary Stuart

Scott Forbes movies scott-forbes

Scott Forbes

as Lt. Larry

Philip Carey movies philip-carey

Philip Carey

as Lt. Bob Perry

Paul Picerni movies paul-picerni

Paul Picerni

as Jonesy

Events depicted in Operation Pacific

World War II (1936-1945)

Operation Pacific full war movie

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