Oh! What a Lovely War war movie
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Oh! What a Lovely War war movie

Oh! What a Lovely War (1969, United Kingdom)

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Oh! What a Lovely War

Director: Richard Attenborough

Czas: 140 minut

Laguages: English

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1970-01-01 / 1970-01-01

Film adaptation of popular stage play that showed all the insanity behind World War I by presenting the songs that were popular at that time, the atmosphere among soldiers on the front and their families back home.

In 1914 Europe empires were divided into two equally powerful alliances so there would never be war again. That concept kept the peace among the countries for some time, but there was just one flaw in the idea - none of the empires was actually happy when there was the peace. In 1914 the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the sparkle that both sides needed to start another war - not for the political reasons, not for religious, not for the national nor any greater ideas, it was a war that no one wanted, but each side seems to be needed. So to stop the generals from getting rusty they have enlisted all the available young men to start another conflict and again prove how great they are by sacrificing the lives of the others. Among the recruits was Freddie Smith, young man, who leaves his family and joins the Royal Infantry when war starts in the fields of Belgium.

Film adaptation of 1963 stage musical by Joan Littlewood, expressing the anti-war climate that came after the World War I in Great Britain and other countries. The political background in the early years of 20th century was suppose to prevent any further wars, but then World War I (or the Great War as it was called back then) came and again took the lives of whole generation of young men. During the war there were voices that this is the war so horrible that it will end all the wars, but then the World War 2 happened and everything started from the beginning. Oh! What a Lovely War was written after World War 2, but the universal anti-war message is still the same - generals and politicians start the wars, but they are not the ones that fight them. Through the songs from that era we see the official propaganda as well as the atmosphere among the civilians and soldiers when they face the horror of the war. In simple scenes we see all the most important parts of the war - from draft propaganda, through Christmas Truce to insanity of Battle of the Somme. As war movie it is perhaps not very impressive, it is musical after all, but it shows all you need to know about the reality of World War I.

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7 / 10

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2 / 5

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1 / 5

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3 / 5

Oh! What a Lovely War 1969 war movie

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Oh! What a Lovely War

Creators of Oh! What a Lovely War

Charles Chilton movies

Charles Chilton


Cast of Oh! What a Lovely War

Wendy Allnutt movies wendy-allnutt

Wendy Allnutt

as Flo Smith

Colin Farrell movies colin-farrell

Colin Farrell

as Harry Smith

Malcolm McFee movies malcolm-mcfee

Malcolm McFee

as Freddie Smith

John Mills movies john-mills

John Mills

as Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig

John Rae movies john-rae

John Rae

as Grandpa Smith

Corin Redgrave movies corin-redgrave

Corin Redgrave

as Bertie Smith

Maurice Roeves movies maurice-roeves

Maurice Roeves

as George Smith

Paul Shelley movies paul-shelley

Paul Shelley

as Jack Smith

Angela Thorne movies angela-thorne

Angela Thorne

as Betty Smith

Mary Wimbush movies mary-wimbush

Mary Wimbush

as Mary Smith

Ian Holm movies ian-holm

Ian Holm

as President Poincare

Juliet Mills movies juliet-mills

Juliet Mills

as nurse

Michael Bates movies michael-bates

Michael Bates

as drunk Lance Corporal

Edward Fox movies

Edward Fox

as Aide

Peter Gilmore movies peter-gilmore

Peter Gilmore

as Private Burgess

Dirk Bogarde movies

Dirk Bogarde

as Stephen

John Gielgud movies

John Gielgud

as Count Leopold Berchtold

Kenneth More movies kenneth-more

Kenneth More

as Kaiser Wilhelm II

Laurence Olivier movies laurence-olivier

Laurence Olivier

as Field Marshal Sir John French

Michael Redgrave movies michael-redgrave

Michael Redgrave

as Sir Henry Wilson

Vanessa Redgrave movies

Vanessa Redgrave

as Sylvia Pankhurst

Ralph Richardson movies ralph-richardson

Ralph Richardson

as Sir Edward Grey

Susannah York movies susannah-york

Susannah York

as Eleanor

Jean-Pierre Cassel movies

Jean-Pierre Cassel

as French Colonel

Events depicted in Oh! What a Lovely War

World War I (1914-1918) Christmas Truce (24 Dec 1914) Battle of the Somme (1 Jul 1916)

Oh! What a Lovely War full war movie

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