Lone Survivor war movie
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Lone Survivor war movie

Lone Survivor (2013, United States)

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Lone Survivor

Director: Peter Berg

Czas: 120 minut

Laguages: English

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2019-02-02 / 2019-02-02

Special operation of Navy Seals in Afghanistan goes from "shock and awe" to "show and awry" in this film based on true events. Very, very loosely based to be exact.

In 2005 American forces in Afghanistan prepare special operation codenamed Red Wings, their target is Taliban leader Ahmad Shah, responsible for death of 20 American soldiers. Intelligence sources claim that Shah is hiding with few of his guards in one of the villages high in the mountains. The plan is simple - platoon of Navy Seals will be dropped from helicopter near the village and will attack the target if Shah is identified. Lieutenant Murphy and 3 other Seals are deployed on the nearby mountain and in the morning they find their observational point that proves to be far from being perfect. To make thing worse their communication with the base is very limited by the surrounding mountains. While the Navy Seals were able to identify their target it soon is obvious that Ahmad Shah brought with him much more than just few guards. Cut off from communication with the headquarter Murphy has to make a quick decision if and how will they approach their target. As they try to reach the HQ three goat herders accidentally stumble upon the Americans.

Lone Survivor is based on the real event, Operation Red Wings, sometimes called Battle of Abbas Ghar, but as it is typical for Hollywood productions they took the original story and put it to a test - how much BS they can add to spice it up. Only about 50% of the story is accurate, a lot of extra elements were added to put Americans in far better light or just gain cheap sympathy for the characters.

How does it work? At the beginning of the movie Ahmad Shah is presented as close associate of Osama Bin Laden and high-rank Al-Qaeda operative responsible for killing 20 American soldiers. It doesn’t sound good for him. Apart from there is no proof he even knew Bin Laden, no proof he was in Al-Qaeda (actually he was in Taliban militia) or that he was linked to death of any American soldiers. Not to even mention that before Operation Red Wings only 5 Americans died in that part of Afghanistan. But I guess details doesn’t, right?

Same story with other parts of the Lone Survivor - some of them are true, some of them are disputed (like number of Taliban partisans involved that varies from 10 to 100), while others are pure BS. The movie is a sad mixture of US propaganda and elements of true story that are blown out of proportion - it was botched special operation that went awry, so use of of David Bowie’s "Heroes" at the end of the movie is pushing it a bit too far to be honest. If you want to show that Murphy and his team were heroes I’m sure their actions will speak for themselves loud enough, there is no point in making up the story and losing any credibility or high ground in the process.

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4 / 5

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4 / 5

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2 / 5

Lone Survivor 2013 war movie

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Lone Survivor

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Events depicted in Lone Survivor

War in Afghanistan (2001-2014)

Lone Survivor full war movie

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