Les Milles war movie
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Les Milles war movie

Les Milles (1995, France)

Original / alternative title: Les milles: Le train de la liberte

Categories: political movies POW camp movies

Les Milles

Director: Sebastien Grall

Czas: 105 minut

Laguages: French

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1970-01-01 / 1970-01-01

French commandant of the camp, where refugees from Nazi Germany are kept, risks a lot to save them from being sent back to Germans, who just invaded France.

In 1940 French government created a camp in small town of Les Milles to keep there the foreigners, among them many Germans and German Jews, that were seeking refuge from Nazi dictatorship. Perrochon is appointed commandant of the camp and from the beginning he sees that the conditions in a post-industrial buildings are far from being suitable, but his superiors don’t really care - the foreigners are sent there only for temporary period before the government will work out some policy what to do with them. But in May 1940 the situation changes with the invasion of Germans - the internees, among them a lot of artists or active anti-Nazi activists, fear that the French government will give them back to Germans. Perrochon is approached by the representative of United States, who are willing to help Perrochon in his plan to evacuate the internees by the train.

French war movie based on the real events that took place in 1940 when the German invasion caused a lot of chaos and uncertainty among the internees and refugees that were on French territory. The commandant of the camp of Les Milles was doing everything he could to save them from being returned to Nazi Germans that they were running away from.

The film was co-produced with Poland (with quite few Polish actors used in the parts of Jewish artists) tells the story in a way similiar to Süskind or Schindler’s List, although the events take place before the German occupation, so the risk Perrochon takes is significantly smaller. With good cast and not bad script the film presents not well known episode of World War 2.

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Film value

5 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Historical accuracy

4 / 5

Les Milles 1995 war movie

Les Milles full movie

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Creators of Les Milles

Sebastien Grall movies

Sebastien Grall


Cast of Les Milles

Jean-Pierre Marielle movies jean-pierre-marielle

Jean-Pierre Marielle

as Commandant Perrochon

Ticky Holgado movies ticky-holgado

Ticky Holgado

as Capt. Moinard

Rudiger Vogler movies rudiger-vogler

Rudiger Vogler

as Lion Feuchtwanger

Henryk Bista movies henryk-bista

Henryk Bista

as Otto von Offenberg

Jan Peszek movies jan-peszek

Jan Peszek

as Alexander Hazenfoeder

Marek Walczewski movies marek-walczewski

Marek Walczewski

as Professor Pick

Wladyslaw Kowalski movies wladyslaw-kowalski

Wladyslaw Kowalski

as Max Ernst

Kristin Scott Thomas movies kristin-scott-thomas

Kristin Scott Thomas

as Mary-Jane Cooper

Philippe Noiret movies philippe-noiret

Philippe Noiret

as General

Events depicted in Les Milles

World War II (1936-1945) Battle of France (10 May 1940)

Les Milles full war movie

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