Fury war movie
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Fury war movie

Fury (2014, United States)

Categories: ambush movies tank movies urban warfare movies


Director: David Ayer

Czas: 145 minut

Laguages: English

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1970-01-01 / 1970-01-01

Veteran M4 Sherman crew has to take a green desk clerk to replace dead crewmember. The commander realizes how dangerous it is since they are facing a ruthless and desperate enemy.

Spring 1945, Allied forces are closing on Berlin, but since front has moved into territory of Nazi Germany the defence is much stronger. 2nd Armored Division was hit hard in last battle, M4 Sherman (M4A3E8 Easy Eight) nicknamed Fury, of sergeant Don "Wardaddy" Collier is the sole survivor from its platoon. Collier manages to avoid the bombardment and reach the nearest city. The bow gunner Red was killed in that battle and the crew is in shock. They are serving together since North Africa and Collier always managed to get them out of trouble, but this time it seems they runned out of luck. Young boy Norman Ellison turns up as replacement for Red, a clerk typist, who arrived in Europe just weeks ago. Collier is furious, he knows that completely green crew member is danger for all of them, but agrees to take him. During first day of Ellison’s service he makes a mistake - he spotted a kid in the forest, but did not shoot at him, since he was just a kid. That kid, member of Hitlerjugend, used Panzerfaust to knock out the leading tank and killed all the crewmembers inside. Wardaddy takes over the command of platoon and soon they are spotted by German anti-tank guns. During the assault on positions of the guns Ellison hesitates before shooting Germans and after the battle Collier takes him out of the tank and forces him to shoot a German prisoner. Ellison refuses to shoot unarmed Nazi, so Wardaddy puts pistol in his hand and helps him to pull the trigger. This is shock for Ellison, but other crewmen explain him that Collier is looking out for them since the beginning and by sticking to his orders he has the chance to survive. Later that day the platoon attacks small town with narrow streets, where each member of the crew has to do his best.

Fury is a war movie that was needed to happen one day and it finally happened - realistic tank movie about World War II. Long time ago there were titles like Battle of the Bulge, The Tanks Are Coming, British They Were Not Divided, but their weak point was always realism. Since they were supported by army the creators could count on lots of equipment, but usually it was wrong equipment (like in case of Battle of the Bulge, where M47 Patton tanks were used for King Tigers and M24 Chaffee for Shermans) or the military official interfered with scenarios resulting in tragically bad scenes (like in The Tanks Are Coming, where German ambush was a single 88mm gun). In Fury we have small amount of equipment used (single Tiger tank and few Shermans), but they are real tanks, not substitutes.

In style the film reminds of Saving Private Ryan - raw, brutal and bloody - just like war itself. Of course the movie has some weak points, f.e. since it is fiction creators let their imagination free and we see here the luckiest tank of World War 2 - constantly shot at, even by Tiger or 88mm, but always lucky enough to survive those shots. There are few completely non-sense elements, like Germans attacking Sherman using guns and machine guns (with high losses) while they had plenty of Panzerfaust with them. But overall it is very good war movie - fast paced, gripping story, well acted and well filmed. One of the best tank movies in history and good candidate for one of the best World War 2 movies.

Our rating


Film value

9 / 10

Realism factor

4 / 5

Adventure factor

4 / 5

Historical accuracy

3 / 5

Fury 2014 war movie

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Creators of Fury

David Ayer movies

David Ayer


David Ayer movies

David Ayer


Cast of Fury

Brad Pitt movies

Brad Pitt

as Sergeant Don Collier

Shia LaBeouf movies shia-labeouf

Shia LaBeouf

as Boyd Swan

Logan Lerman movies logan-lerman

Logan Lerman

as Norman Ellison

Michael Pena movies michael-pena

Michael Pena

as Trini Garcia

Jon Bernthal movies jon-bernthal

Jon Bernthal

as Grady Travis

Jim Parrack movies jim-parrack

Jim Parrack

as Sergeant Binkowski

Brad William Henke movies brad-william-henke

Brad William Henke

as Sergeant Davis

Kevin Vance movies kevin-vance

Kevin Vance

as Sergeant Peterson

Xavier Samuel movies xavier-samuel

Xavier Samuel

as Lieutenant Parker

Jason Isaacs movies jason-isaacs

Jason Isaacs

as Captain Waggoner

Scott Eastwood movies scott-eastwood

Scott Eastwood

as Sergeant Miles

Laurence Spellman movies laurence-spellman

Laurence Spellman

as Sergeant Dillard

Events depicted in Fury

World War II (1936-1945)

Fury full war movie

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