Catch-22 war movie
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Catch-22 war movie

Catch-22 (1970, United States)

Categories: military base movies aircraft movies


Director: Mike Nichols

Czas: 122 minut

Laguages: English

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2019-04-19 / 2019-04-19

Captain John Yossarian flies as bombardier aboard B-25 over Mediterranean Sea. Disillusioned with the war he gets more and more desperate to get out of the air force, but Catch-22 constantly gets in his way to freedom.

Captain John Yossarian flies as bombardier aboard B-25 bomber in missions over Mediterranean Sea, but the constant danger and pressure left heavy marks on his mind. He had to witness death of his friends and even though he already should be released from service he is still stuck in airbase on Italian territory. His superior, Colonel Cathcart, keeps increasing the number of missions crewmembers have to fulfil in order to be released, which makes Yossarian more and more desperate to get out of here. With very little options available he even tries to pretend to be mad, so he could be sent back home, but Catch-22 keeps blocking that option. What is Catch-22? If you say you are crazy and want to be released from service (and thus survive) it means that you are not crazy, so you shouldn’t be released. With pure madness around him Yossarian is falling deeper and deeper into madness himself.

One of the icons of anti-war movies Catch-22 is a comedy-drama that shows how individual can get lost in the war machine unless he will find a way to cope with the madness around him. Just like M*A*S*H from the same year Catch-22 is an exaggerated look at the army during the war, the story itself is a loosely linked set of scenes and motifs. Unfortunately besides the strong anti-war message Catch-22 has not much to offer - the grotesque characters, scenes filled with more allegories than actual events - all of it is more an experience rather than actual movie. It is one of the movies that are worth to know, but hard to enjoy.

Our rating


Film value

4 / 10

Realism factor

2 / 5

Adventure factor

1 / 5

Historical accuracy

1 / 5

Catch-22 1970 war movie

Catch-22 full movie

full movie Catch-22 full movie
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Creators of Catch-22

Mike Nichols movies

Mike Nichols


Buck Henry movies

Buck Henry


Joseph Heller movies

Joseph Heller


Cast of Catch-22

Alan Arkin movies alan-arkin

Alan Arkin

as Captain John Yossarian

Martin Balsam movies

Martin Balsam

as Colonel Cathcart

Jack Gilford movies jack-gilford

Jack Gilford

as Doctor Daneeka

Buck Henry movies buck-henry

Buck Henry

as Lieutenant Korn

Bob Newhart movies bob-newhart

Bob Newhart

as Major Major

Anthony Perkins movies

Anthony Perkins

as Chaplain Tappman

Jon Voight movies jon-voight

Jon Voight

as Lieutenant Milo Minderbinder

Richard Benjamin movies richard-benjamin

Richard Benjamin

as Major Danby

Art Garfunkel movies art-garfunkel

Art Garfunkel

as Captain Nately

Paula Prentiss movies paula-prentiss

Paula Prentiss

as Nurse Duckett

Orson Welles movies orson-welles

Orson Welles

as General Dreedle

Martin Sheen movies martin-sheen

Martin Sheen

as Lieutenant Dobbs

Bob Balaban movies bob-balaban

Bob Balaban

as Captain Orr

Norman Fell movies norman-fell

Norman Fell

as Sergeant Towser

Events depicted in Catch-22

World War II (1936-1945)

Catch-22 full war movie

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