Age of Heroes war movie
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Age of Heroes war movie

Age of Heroes (2011, United Kingdom)

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Age of Heroes

Director: Adrian Vitoria

Czas: 90 minut

Laguages: English

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1970-01-01 / 1970-01-01

British commandos unit on the mission in Norway to gather informations about German radar installations. Story based on real events that involved famous author Ian Fleming.

Corporal Bob Rains during the Battle of France got in trouble - first while he was retreating with remains of his unit he was accused of cowardice, and then he hit the superior, who accused him. After that he could not hope for good assignment, but after few months he was recalled together with rest of his platoon to take part in the special operation. British headquarters have set up mission into Norway fjords to acquire as much information as possible about German radar installations in the area. Major Jones, a hardened veteran, is put in charge of their training and in command during the operation. They are parachuted into enemy area together with Norwegian immigrant Steinar Mortensen, who will be their guide and girl called Jensen, who will be their link with Norwegian resistance. While the landing and approaching target goes quite smoothly the extraction from the area proves to be a challenge and it seems that Jones and his men will have to fight their way to the Swedish border.

Film based on real-life events that involved, later to become famous author, Ian Fleming’s unit - British 30 Commando Unit. Just like f.e. Attack on the Iron Coast the movie consists of two parts - the preparation phase and the mission itself. Both keep high level of realism, but at the same time they lack the pace. We watch the commandos mission not in a Hollywood style with hundreds of bullets flying around, but in rather low key and thus more realistic, but at the same time not very involving. Throughout the events we barely see the people involved, who they are, how they behave, so during the mission it is hard to really care about their success or failure. Age of Heroes is decent war movie, but creators did not balanced well the story between realism and attractive narration.

Our rating


Film value

6 / 10

Realism factor

4 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Historical accuracy

3 / 5

Age of Heroes 2011 war movie

Age of Heroes full movie

full movie Age of Heroes
full movie Age of Heroes

Age of Heroes videos

Age of Heroes

Creators of Age of Heroes

Adrian Vitoria movies

Adrian Vitoria


Ed Scates movies

Ed Scates


Cast of Age of Heroes

Sean Bean movies sean-bean

Sean Bean

as Major Jack Jones

Danny Dyer movies danny-dyer

Danny Dyer

as Corporal Bob Rains

James D’Arcy movies james-d’arcy

James D’Arcy

as Lt. Cdr. Ian Fleming

William Houston movies william-houston

William Houston

as Sgt. MacKenzie

John Dagleish movies john-dagleish

John Dagleish

as Flt. Sgt. Roger Rollright

Aksel Hennie movies aksel-hennie

Aksel Hennie

as Lt. Steinar Mortensen

Izabella Miko movies izabella-miko

Izabella Miko

as Jensen

Sebastian Street movies sebastian-street

Sebastian Street

as RMP Colonel Archer

Erik Madsen movies erik-madsen

Erik Madsen

as Teichman

Events depicted in Age of Heroes

World War II (1936-1945) Dunkirk evacuation (27 May 1940)

Age of Heroes trivia

Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming was among people, who organized No. 30 Commando as part of the intelligence operations. He was working in Naval Intelligence Division.

True story

Age of Heroes was based on true story, but this does not mean that such mission in Norway was took place - the story was inspired by true operations of No. 30 Commando, but it was not exact a single story that was used as a base for script.

Themes in Age of Heroes

behind enemy linesBritish commandosNorwegian resistanceGerman army

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Age of Heroes full war movie

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