A Hill in Korea war movie
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A Hill in Korea war movie

A Hill in Korea (1956, United Kingdom)

Original / alternative title: Hell in Korea

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A Hill in Korea

Director: Julian Amyes

Czas: 81 minut

Laguages: English

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1970-01-01 / 1970-01-01

Small unit of British soldiers is surrounded on the hilltop during the Korean War. Trapped by Chinese forces they have no other option than fight to the last.

During the Korean War a platoon of British soldiers retreat and try to avoid being surrounded by the advancing Chinese Army, but looks like they are running out of luck. When they arrive to a small village they find all the huts empty - it looks like villagers have run away or hide somewhere in the mountains. During the search of the village one of the soldiers is killed, which leaves rest of the platoon in shock. While crossing an open space they spot a larger unit of Chinese soldiers. Using their vantage point they drag the enemy in trap. Chinese try the frontal attack, during which they all are killed. While retreating British soldiers find a hill with a temple on top, which seems like a good place to rest for a while. Unfortunately soon they discover they are trapped and surrounded by Chinese Army. They try different approaches to resolve their situation, but they become more and more desperate when ammo and food are running low.

A Hill in Korea is in many ways similar to earlier British movies (like Nine Men that had similar plot, but was set during World War 2). Again we have small platoon trapped and surrounded by enemy with only one option - fight until the end. The cast includes Stanley Baker and Harry Andrews, but also young Michael Caine in small part. Based on Max Catto novel it is mixture of character drama and look at the tough situation for Allied forces when China joined Korean War. The plot is not bad, but overall the movie lacks originality and is rather forgettable.

Our rating


Film value

5 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Historical accuracy

2 / 5

A Hill in Korea 1956 war movie

A Hill in Korea full movie

full movie A Hill in Korea

Creators of A Hill in Korea

Julian Amyes movies

Julian Amyes


Max Catto movies

Max Catto


Cast of A Hill in Korea

George Baker movies george-baker

George Baker

as Lt. Butler

Harry Andrews movies harry-andrews

Harry Andrews

as Sgt. Payne

Stanley Baker movies stanley-baker

Stanley Baker

as Cpl. Ryker

Michael Medwin movies michael-medwin

Michael Medwin

as Pvt. Docker

Ronald Lewis movies ronald-lewis

Ronald Lewis

as Pvt. Wyatt

Stephen Boyd movies stephen-boyd

Stephen Boyd

as Pvt. Sims

Victor Maddern movies victor-maddern

Victor Maddern

as Pvt. Lindop

Harry Landis movies harry-landis

Harry Landis

as Pvt. Rabin

Robert Brown movies robert-brown

Robert Brown

as Pvt. O’Brien

Barry Lowe movies barry-lowe

Barry Lowe

as Pvt. Neill

Robert Shaw movies robert-shaw

Robert Shaw

as LCpl. Hodge

Charles Laurence movies charles-laurence

Charles Laurence

as Pvt. Kim

Percy Herbert movies percy-herbert

Percy Herbert

as Pvt. Moon

Eric Corrie movies eric-corrie

Eric Corrie

as Pvt. Matthews

David Morrell movies david-morrell

David Morrell

as Pvt. Henson

Michael Caine movies

Michael Caine

as Pvt. Lockyer

Events depicted in A Hill in Korea

Korean War (1950-1953)

A Hill in Korea full war movie

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