303 Squadron war movie
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303 Squadron war movie

303 Squadron (2018, Poland)

Original / alternative title: Dywizjon 303. Historia prawdziwa

Categories: aircraft movies dogfight movies

303 Squadron

Director: Denis Delic

Czas: 100 minut

Laguages: English / Polish / German

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2022-07-16 / 2022-07-16

Polish pilots of 303 Squadron are eager to fight Germans over Britain, but it seems no one in RAF HQ wants them to join the war.

Polish pilots of 303 Squadron, who fled to England when World War 2 started, now are getting frustrated that they are sidelined and are not given chance to fight Germans over Britain. While the young British pilots with no experience are sent to a slaughter against German Messerschmitts 109, the Poles are constantly in a training to learn the British way of conducting an air battle. The RAF headquarters seems to be convinced that they are not yet ready while the situation on the frontline becomes critical. When one of the 303 pilots during training flight accidentally stumbles upon German fighter and manages to avoid being shot down and then scores probable kill the atmosphere around Polish squadron begins to change.

One of the two movies about 303 RAF Squadron that were published in 2018, the other being Hurricane: 303 Squadron, both had its flaws and it is hard to tell them apart. While Hurricane: 303 Squadron struggled with low budget, 303 Squadron seemed to have decent budget, decent CGI to show the battles, decent cast, but on the other hand failed completely when it comes to screenplay. Well, to be fair Hurricane: 303 Squadron also had poor quality screenplay, but here the problem was not with what was missing from the story, but with the fact that the screenplay was written to fit the modern day agenda and not to pay respect to brave pilots of WW2.

So we have here overly-patriotic scenes that add nothing to the story, we have some weird conspiracy theory elements that Polish pilots were used by RAF as cannon fodder, some completely incomprehensible subplots that involve German pilots, completely unnecessary scene of attack on hospital, not to mention the idiotic idea of duel between Urbanowicz and one of the German pilots. Sure, they recognized each other flying at 500 km/h, after all they have met once before...

It is really hard to distinguish Hurricane: 303 Squadron and 303 Squadron, they both are average movies, they tried to tell the incredible true story of 303, but both failed. In 303 Squadron the weakest link was the screenplay that tried to incorporate some weird choices while it omitted the aftermath of Battle of Britain for Polish pilots and the importance of what they did. Well, actually I have found one advantage 303 Squadron has over Hurricane: 303 Squadron - it’s a bit shorter...

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5 / 10

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4 / 5

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3 / 5

Historical accuracy

3 / 5

303 Squadron 2018 war movie

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303 Squadron

Creators of 303 Squadron

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Denis Delic


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Tomasz Kepski


Cast of 303 Squadron

Piotr Adamczyk movies piotr-adamczyk

Piotr Adamczyk

as Witold Urbanowicz

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Maciej Zakoscielny

as Jan Zumbach

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Events depicted in 303 Squadron

World War II (1936-1945) Battle of Britain (10 Jul 1940)

Themes in 303 Squadron

Polish pilotsGerman pilotsHawker Hurricane

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Hurricane: 303 Squadron 2018 war movie

Hurricane: 303 Squadron (2018)

Desperate for experienced pilots RAF forms squadrons consisting of foreigners, but the commanders are reluctant to take them into action. Based on true story of Polish 303 Squadron.

303 Squadron full war movie

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