Battle of Inchon (Korean War) war movies
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Battle of Inchon (Korean War) war movies

Battle of Inchon 10 September 1950

Korean War

At the beginning of Korean War North Korean forces pushed their opponents as fas as the southern end of Korean Peninsula. The offensive was halted after United Nations have supported the South Korea, but still there was no way to overpower the North Koreans. American General MacArthur prepared a plan similar to landing in Anzio during World War 2 when Italian front reached an impasse - he planned the amphibious operation on the port of Inchon that aimed to deploy forces behind the line of front and thus not only divert the attention of enemy, but also to cut the North Koreans supply lines. The landing was a success due to element of surprise - even though over 40,000 soldiers were involved in landing American losses were very small (only 200 killed and 700 wounded). Success of the Inchon operation lead to recapture of the South Korean capital - Seoul and to the collapse of the whole North Korean offensive.

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