Battle of Nasiriyah (Iraq War) war movies
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Battle of Nasiriyah (Iraq War) war movies

Battle of Nasiriyah 23 March 2003

Iraq War

American supply convoy got lost and strayed from original route. Soon they were attacked by the Fedayeen Saddam fighter, who killed 11 soldiers and taken few prisoner (including Jessica Lynch, who was later rescued from the hospital).

After the ambush Marines forces were sent to rescue survivors, but Iraqis were prepared with RPGs, mortars and tanks. Heavy fights that involved air support were fought for 6 more days. 30 Americans were killed, 6 captured, 60 wounded, also about 15 vehicles were lost. The casualties among the Iraqi forces are hard to determine, but could be around 400 killed, 300 captured and about 1000 wounded.

The passage through Nasiriyah was finally achieved, but soon the route was called Ambush Alley.

Equipment used during Battle of Nasiriyah

War movies about Battle of Nasiriyah

Saving Jessica Lynch 2003 war movie

Saving Jessica Lynch 2003

Private Jessica Lynch, injured in an ambush, is taken prisoner, but American forces prepare a rescue mission.

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