Great Roman Civil War war movies
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Great Roman Civil War war movies

Great Roman Civil War (49 BC-45 BC)

Internal conflict within Roman Republic between two factions: Julius Caesar and his supporters (called the Populares) and Roman Senate (the Optimates). Senators were trying to overpower the Julius Caesar and stop his aspirations to become the single ruler of the republic. The conflict started when victorious Caesar was returning from his Gallic campaign and crossed the river of Rubikon together with his legions, which was prohibited by law. The conflict spread across the whole republic - from Spain to Egypt. As a skilful general Julius Caesar managed to defeat his opponents and became the emperor of Rome....

war movies about Great Roman Civil WarAmerican Great Roman Civil War movies

War movies about Great Roman Civil War

Julius Caesar 2002 war movie

Julius Caesar 2002

Life of Julius Ceasar from the age of 18 until his assassination.

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