Wings of Prey war game
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Wings of Prey war game

Wings of Prey (2009)

Categories: dogfight games

Flight simulator based on a IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey game. We have here a long list of mission in the main airborne battles of World War 2: the Battle of Britain, fights over Stalingrad, last days of Berlin, invasion of Sicily, Korsun and the Battle of the Bulge. Many different types of planes are simulated from both sides of the conflict (fighters, bombers and assault planes). Apart of the standard mission also the simple duels and dogfights can be set up.

Interesting simulation game, but with few weak points - some of the missions are almost impossible to complete on higher level of difficulty and in others the orders are just silly or completely unrealistic.

Overall very interesting game for all the flight simulation fans.

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