Franco-Flemish War war movies
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Franco-Flemish War war movies

Franco-Flemish War (1297-1305)

While the County of Flanders was part of French Kingdom since Treaty of Verdun in 843, they kept a lot of independence from French crown. French king Philip IV was determined to strengthen his kingdom and one of the elements was to strip Flanders of that special status, especially since Flanders had very rich cities in its land, such as Bruges, Ghent or Lille. The actions of Philip IV, such as increase of taxes, was met with protests from Flemish noblemen as well as the citizens. Guy of Dampierre, Count of Flanders, was seeking ways to cut the ties with French crown and tried to find ally in King Edward I of England, which led to imprisonment of Guy and two of his sons by French king. Th...

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Major battles of Franco-Flemish War

Battle of the Golden Spurs war movies

Battle of the Golden Spurs
11 July 1302

During the Franco-Flemish War king Philip IV the Fair gathered strong forces of nomblemen to crush the revolt of Flemish cities. While his army had advantage over Flemish forces, which consisted mostly of militia formed from men all occupations, French commander of the forces, Robert de Artois, attacked opponents on the least favorable terrain - marshes next to Kortrijk. The heavy French cavalr...

War movies about Franco-Flemish War

The Lion of Flanders 1984 war movie

The Lion of Flanders 1984

French king Philip IV tries to discipline the rich Flemish cities, who enjoy their special status under his rule. But his actions lead to an open revolt.

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