Battle of Edgehill (English Civil War) war movies
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Battle of Edgehill (English Civil War) war movies

Battle of Edgehill 23 October 1642

English Civil War

Battle of Edgehill was part of the First English Civil War, a conflict between King Charles I and the Parliament forces over the political structure of the country - king was trying to keep his prerogatives while the Parliament was trying to introduce constitutional monarchy.

The Battle of Edgehill was a pitched battle (or set piece battle), which means that both sided have arranged the place and the time of the battle. In case of this particular battle Royalists have given up their better position in order to convince the Parliamentarians to take part in the battle.

Forces of both sides were more or less equal, but consisted mostly of inexperienced soldiers, who have given up the fight quite quickly. The battle was indecisive with both sides losing about same amount of men. The importance of the battle was the aftermath - as effect of that battle Oliver Cromwell begun to build a New Model Army. Instead of simply calling up the men to the arms he trained them to be prepared for the battle, especially the pikemen, who helped to overpower the cavalry.

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