Siege of Kerak (Crusades) war movies
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Siege of Kerak (Crusades) war movies

Siege of Kerak 1183


Siege of stronghold Kerak was Saladin’s answer to capture of Aqaba by the Crusaders, which would put the holy place of Mecca in danger. The stronghold was well prepared and Saladin couldn’t break the walls of Kerak even though he used several catapults and kept the defenders under constant strain. Siege was lifted on arrival of relief force under King Baldwin IV of Jerusalem. Saladin returned a year later to again siege Kerak, but again failed to defeat Crusaders. Kerak remained Crusaders stronghold until 1188.

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War movies about Siege of Kerak

Kingdom of Heaven 2005 war movie

Kingdom of Heaven 2005

Balian de Ibelin, French blacksmith, joins the Crusades seeking the redemption.

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