Battle of Montgisard (Crusades) war movies
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Battle of Montgisard (Crusades) war movies

Battle of Montgisard 25 November 1177


During the Crusades 16-year-old King Baldwin IV led his about 400 Templars and few thousands of infantry against army of Saladin, who was on his way to attack Jerusalem. According to some sources Saladin was leading over 25,000 warriors and didn’t expect Baldwin (who was suffering from leprosy) to take any offensive actions and thus let his army to pillage surrounding villages. The attack of Crusaders was complete surprise and they managed to almost wipe-out the whole army. The crusaders had suffered significant losses (about 1100 killed and about 750 wounded), but Saladin was devastated on the news about his losses and used his propaganda to spread news that in fact the Christian have lost the battle fearing the truth would undermine the morale of his army.

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War movies about Battle of Montgisard

Arn - The Knight Templar 2007 war movie

Arn - The Knight Templar 2007

Swedish monk becomes Templar knight and fights with the Saladin army in Jerusalem.

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