British war movies part 4
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British war movies

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Eye in the Sky 2015 war movie

Eye in the Sky 2015

After months of research British intelligence have located two dangerous terrorists hiding in Kenya. All they have to do now is point the target to US-operated drones, but someone has to make a final decision.

Escape to Athena 1979 war movie

Escape to Athena 1979

Prisoners on the Greek island plan to escape by... breaking into German military base.

Hurricane: 303 Squadron 2018 war movie

Hurricane: 303 Squadron 2018

Desperate for experienced pilots RAF forms squadrons consisting of foreigners, but the commanders are reluctant to take them into action. Based on true story of Polish 303 Squadron.

Dog Soldiers 2002 war movie

Dog Soldiers 2002

British soldiers on the training mission in the wilderness encounter the enemy they weren’t prepared for.

How I Won the War 1967 war movie

How I Won the War 1967

Lieutenant Goodbody is put in charge of a platoon despite the fact that he lacks skills, charisma or even good judgement to be an officer.

Resistance 2011 war movie

Resistance 2011

When D-Day landings have failed Germans have invaded Great Britain and while their husbands have left to join British resistance women in secluded Welsh valley have to find the way to survive.


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