American war movies part 9
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American war movies

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Pearl Harbor 2001 war movie

Pearl Harbor 2001

Romance story placed during the first years of World War 2 - two pilots fall in love with the same nurse.

No Time for Sergeants 1958 war movie

No Time for Sergeants 1958

Naive and well-meaning hillbilly Will Stockdale is drafted into air force and his simple nature gets him in trouble times and times again.

300: Rise of an Empire 2014 war movie

300: Rise of an Empire 2014

Xerxes becomes new king of Persia and is determined to finish what his father has started - the invasion of Greece.

The Inn of the Sixth Happiness 1958 war movie

The Inn of the Sixth Happiness 1958

Englishwoman travels half of the world to become a missionary in China soon before the country is invaded by Japan.

Good Kill 2014 war movie

Good Kill 2014

Former jet fighter pilot is transferred to Las Vegas base to operate the long range drones somewhere in the Middle East. Unhappy with his new assignment he begins to question the moral side of the drone operations.

Aerial Gunner 1943 war movie

Aerial Gunner 1943

American airman joisn the course for aerial gunners and have to face difficult trials and his old enemy.

Battle of the Coral Sea 1959 war movie

Battle of the Coral Sea 1959

American submarine is sent on a patrol mission to spot Japanese fleet heading for Coral Sea.

Starship Troopers 1997 war movie

Starship Troopers 1997

When race of insectoids attacks the Earth colonists units of space marines are sent to the far planet to deal with them. On arrival they realize how tough their mission will be.

In The Army Now 1994 war movie

In The Army Now 1994

Two airheads end up in army reserve unit, but unfortunately for them the conflict in Chad has just broke out and they are sent into the desert as part of the auxiliary support for the army.

Alexander the Great 1956 war movie

Alexander the Great 1956

Story of Alexander the Great and his campaing to Asia - from the first battle to the ruling of almost whole world known to anscient geography.

Submarine Seahawk 1958 war movie

Submarine Seahawk 1958

During Pacific patrol submarine USS Seahawk is recalled to Pearl Harbor, where new orders await the crew. Only the crew, because the captain of the sub is replaced by his second in command that crew does not really trust.

Top Gun 1986 war movie

Top Gun 1986

Best American figher pilots compete for the honors and a woman.

Black Brigade 1970 war movie

Black Brigade 1970

White officer takes charge of the unit formed entirely of Black Americans - their morale is low, they are poorly trained, but now he has to lead them on a suicidal mission behind enemy lines.

Rambo III 1988 war movie

Rambo III 1988

John Rambo sets for Soviet military base in Afghanistan, where his mentor Colonel Trautman is kept prisoner. Again on his own he has to face whole enemy unit.

Tropic Thunder 2008 war movie

Tropic Thunder 2008

American film crew starts the superproduction in Southeast Asia when the actors get lost in the jungle.

G.I. Jane 1997 war movie

G.I. Jane 1997

Jordan O’Neill can become the first woman to finish Combined Reconnaissance Team training, the toughest test there is for special forces, but she can’t count on any favours from the instructors.

Second in Command 2006 war movie

Second in Command 2006

American embassy in Moldavia becomes a target for communist insurgents when civil war breaks out and democratic president seeks a refuge inside the embassy building.

Red Dawn 2012 2012 war movie

Red Dawn 2012 2012

Group of teenagers has to fight for the freedom when North Koreans drop troops on their small town.

In Enemy Hands 2004 war movie

In Enemy Hands 2004

Incident in the middle of Atlantic Ocean brings together the unlikely companions - crews of German and American submarines.

Battle Force 2012 war movie

Battle Force 2012

Important intelligence officer was caught by Germans just before the invasion of Sicily and platoon of commandos is sent to get him back.


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